Once upon a time... 

In a land not so far away, A Furry Tail was created in order to bring this kingdom a source for nutritious options for your pet's happier, healthier everafter...   

Often problems that arise with our pets are nutrition related, and many of those problems can be helped or eliminated with the proper diet and supplements.  We have quite a menagerie at our house and wanted to make sure our furry and feathery friends were as healthy as possible.

We were interested in starting a new business where Debbie and I could do something that we were both passionate about.  So, we decided to open a business providing the very best possible choices in foods, treats, and accessories.  After a few months and numerous requests, we opened up our grooming area.  Our goal is to use kind and gentle techniques that result in a calm and positive experience for your pet.  We work closely with owners to ensure that the desired result is achieved. 

We love serving this community, meeting everyone and their pets, and being a part of helping make your four legged friends healthy.   We thank all our customers and friends for their support and hope we help your pets look and feel their best.  Come see us in our new location in north Rio Rancho to view all the wonderful premium foods, accessories, and services we have to offer.  From our new Self-Serve Dog Bath area, to our Full-Service Grooming, and our array of accessories and healthy food and treats, we feel we meet every pet lover’s need.  We have also added a Small Animal section with food, treats, and bedding.

At any given time you may get to meet some of our family at the shop.  We have four dogs Oscar, Sienna, Molly, and Tucker, our Siamese cat Luna (Jinxy), and our newest member a Tuxedo cat named Buttons.  Now, none of our pets look exactly like our characters, but they were created by Debbie with their inspiration.

Dan & Debbie

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